Friday, May 29, 2009

Back To School May 2009

Cool foto by Karen Withak

EXAMPLE POST: Today I attended a brilliant workshop run by the charismatic Laurel. I met an interesting blogger by the name of Hanna who writes Austrian recipes, and lady who blogs about women and business, by the name of Babette.

Kezza (cool name!) is a marketing genius and I hope to catch up with her again some time. And so on. 


Friday, November 23, 2007

CLASS GROUP: November 2007

By Laurel Papworth

Here's some successful bloggers from the November 2007 University of Sydney CCE Class:


TIPS and Hints: Blogroll and Social Bookmarking

A Blogroll is a list of sites that you recommend.

It's a great way for people to find other blogs on a subject, and rather than driving away traffic, helps build readers as you belong to a community and link to each other.

In the VIEW A NEW PAGE ELEMENT, click Link List.

Type Blogroll or My Favourite Blogs or something similar as a heading.
Now link to everyone's blog in the classroom - easy!

Now you have a blog community.

What other questions do you have?

TIPS and Hints - sidebar widgets

There are a number of widgets that can be placed on the sidebars.

Go to change the settings, click SET MY PIXIE
On the right hand side, click VIEW THE HTML FOR THIS LOCATION.

Scroll down, Copy the code.

Go back to your blog, and click HTML/Javascript (From Customize, Add a Page Element).
Paste the code in the HTML Javascript block.

Save Changes, Drag the block down the sidebar. View Blog

TIPS and Hints - Keywords

Name of blog should be relevant - How To Blog is better for search engines than Be The Next Shakespeare or something. But this is a judgement call...
Click on Customize.
Click on Header and open the Header field window:
Make sure you have the keywords (the words people would use to search for your blog)
This is where it appears - at the top of the blog.

Make sure the blog posts have the keywords in them as well.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ACTIVITY: Moderate Comments on Your Blog

Go to Dashboard (top right) -> Settings or in some other way make sure you can get to this screen:
What then appears on the screen is this:
Who can comment: Registered User, Anyone, Only Members of This Blog.
Default for posts: Do you want the default (normal) setting to be comments on or off?
Backlinks: list the sites that link to you
Enable comment moderation means you want to be emailed when someone writes a comment, and you have to manually approve whether or not the comment shows publicly.

Word Verification is that "text as a picture" or CAPTCHA that we saw earlier. Always good to turn it on, unless you work a lot with disabled people who have visual impairment etc.

I suggest being emailed comments so you know when someone has written in.